Pride Parade at CSD Munich

On Saturday, June 24th will be this year’s CSD Pride Parade in Munich. And this year we will participate, as a walking group! Official start is at 12:00 at Mariahilfplatz. We’ll be lining up a bit before then, but there will be more information on that in time.

All currently available information is here:

We’re glad about each and every one of you - if you want to and are able to, come join us and demand queer and trans rights, and this also includes polyam and kink.

In early May some of us will get together to prepare our participation - what kinds of banners or flags do we want to bring, who goes to the safety instructions, and other topics.

You want to know more about what we’ll be doing, or maybe even help? Come to one of our meetups, or write to

We’re looking forward to seeing you!
Carl-Eric (he/they) + T (she)