Kitchen Table at Pride 2024

Hello friends,

in addition to the Pride Parade, there will of course also be the CSD street festival on Saturday and Sunday, June 22nd and 23rd, starting at 12:00 both days. This year with more space and more things going on!

overview map of the street festival areas

The Munich Lions Club has its 50th anniversary this year, and thus there is an additional area at Rindermarkt, the “Fetish Special Area”. And we will be there too! Our booth will be at the northern end of Rindermarkt:

closeup map of Rindermarkt, our booth’s position is marked at the northern end

We’ll be there on both days from 12:00 until at least the end of the core time (Saturday 19:00, Sunday 18:00). Many thanks to those who are helping out at the booth!

Come visit us!

There will also be an extra stage at Rindermarkt, with an interesting program. (this link is to the german version, the english version of the program is unfortunately less detailed.)

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Carl-Eric (they), T (none), Chris (he)
from the Kitchen Table Team