CSD Pride Parade in Munich on June 22nd

Hello friends,

on Saturday, June 22nd, it’s finally time for this years Pride March in Munich!

We will participate with a walking group, in position 77, and we hope you’ll join us! We’ll even have a rickshaw for anybody who needs a break.

Please remember to bring the following for yourself:

  • sunscreen
  • rain gear
  • water
  • snacks

You are welcome to bring your kids, if they want to join and are able to participate in the parade. Please also remember to bring sunscreen and water for the kids, and possible ear protection.

The parade setup is, like last year, at Nockherberg. It’s best to get there by U1/U2 Kolumbusplatz, or Tram 15/25 Ostfriedhof. There is no parking near the parade!

This year the setup will be different than last year. Instead of lining up all groups at ones, causing the later groups to have to wait a lot, there will be staggered lineups.

Our slot is between 12:00 and 12:20. I (Carl-Eric) will be there at 12:00 and do the checkin, we will be assigned a spot then.

You can of course join us at any point during the parade, but ideally you’ll be at the corner Nockherstra├če/Nockherberg at shortly after 12. There will be a Block A and B, but we’ll only know which one we’ll be in when we get there. You do not go to the checkin, instead you look for us in the area marked on the map. It’s not a big area and we’ll be lined up, so you’ll quickly find us. I will be carrying a sign with our number 77 and “Kitchen Table”. We also have a Signal group, which we will use to coordinate. More about that below.

Important: We are not supposed to be there before 12, because other groups will still need the space then.

This year the parade has a new route that doesn’t end at Marienplatz, but at Karolinenplatz.

At the end of the parade, once we’re past Karolinenplatz, we will be able to take Gabelsbergerstra├če to get to the street festival.

It’s possible that access to the street festival will be temporarily blocked due to too many people. We will be told about this before we reach Gabelsbergerstra├če. In this case, we’ll just hang out a bit in the parks around there, until access is restored.

To find us, join the Signal group with this link: join group
Please join this group if you can.

I will update our position in this group, and also note if anything changes. If you do not want to have your phone number visible to others, you can set up a username in your Signal profile and deactivate phone number sharing.

You may have heard that the far right AfD has the audacity to hold a rally at Stachus at the same time the parade passes there. This will not be a problem, because as usual, their rally will be fenced in, and they’ll be behind the big fountain. So we don’t have to worry about them.

Let us know if you have any questions.

We’re looking forward to a great Pride with you!

Carl-Eric (they), T (none), Chris (he)
from the Kitchen Table Team