Kitchen Table Family on June 28th

Hello friends,

We’re inviting you to Kitchen Table Family in January, for all of us who have kids, want to have kids at some point, or are involved in a polyam family in any way.

  • On Friday, June 28th.
  • From 17:30 to 18:45.
  • You can bring your children, if you want - see below.
  • We’ll tell you the venue when you sign up at There is information below about what the venue is like.
  • 2G+: Please be vaccinated against Covid or recovered from it. And do a quick test (self test is okay) on the day you’re coming. If you don’t have a test at home, you can get one from us and do it when you get there.

What is Kitchen Table Family?

A meetup for all of us who have a family with kids, or want one at some point, or are in any way part of a polyam family. Everything there is to know about what we want to do, how to join, and what is in it for you, is available here.

As legal guardians you can bring your family’s children to Kitchen Table Family. Please note that you are responsible for taking care of your children, including what they can hear, observe, and process.

Queer people as well as Black, indigenous and other people of color are explicitly welcome, as are people with dis_abilities.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!
Carl-Eric (he/him, they/them), T (she/her) and Chris (he/him)
from the Kitchen Table Team