Support Kitchen Table

We can always use support. If you want to contribute to Kitchen Table, there are many possibilities:

  • Come to our events! People coming and participating is what keeps the community alive.
  • There’s a Signal group for people who want to occasionally lend a hand without a fixed commitment. When we need help, we’ll post a message into this group, and whoever is able and willing to help can respond, and whoever doesn’t, doesn’t. No obligation :)
    Let us know if you want to join this group!
  • We have a wishlist of books for the Kitchen Table reading nook and other things that are useful or needed. If you want to contribute, you could order from the wishlist and bring it to one of our meetups. We’d be happy!
  • Join the team!

If you want to support us financially:

It is of course 100% voluntary to donate. We use donations to cover the costs of running Kitchen Table

  • meetups: drinks, snacks, and covid tests
  • hosting the mailing list and the website
  • flyers, stickers, etc
  • other costs of running Kitchen Table

On our page about transparency you can find an overview of our finances.