The Kitchen Table Team

This is our current team:

Organizing a community is more than reserving tables or unlocking a venue’s doors. We are responsible for making Kitchen Table as safe was we can, a community in which our people can feel welcome and comfortable. We are responsible for actually living up to our values.

This will not just happen - it requires active planning and personal commitment. That is why we hold ourselves to the following standards:

  • All members of our team are approachable and will help when needed. We will announce who of us is present at each event, and how you can recognize us.
  • All organizers commit to continuing education once a year on topics such as anti-discrimination, consent, community organizing, and other relevant matters. Depending on available time and resources that can be a training, reading a book, work on a topic together with others - what’s important is that we keep actively learning.
  • We support each other so nobody on the team gets overloaded. “We take care of each other” is not just for the community, but also for us!

Do you want to be part of this team?

Write us! You don’t have to invest an inordinate amount of time to participate. There are also plenty of smaller things where we could use support. More information on that is here.